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Deer Carcasses on Roadways and Private Property - Removal Information

This time of year, deer are more visible in our town. Unfortunately, with that also comes dead deer on roadways and private property.

If you notice a dead deer on or within 10 feet of a public roadway, please report it to Tyco Animal Control at (201) 652-4554. Dead animals reported by 2pm will be removed the same business day. If reported after 2pm or over the weekend the animal will be picked up the following business day.

If you come across a dead deer on your property, you can dispose of it yourself or you can contact Tyco Animal Control to remove it for a fee of $60. If you have any questions, you can reach Tyco Animal Control at (201) 652-4554 and speak with a certified animal control officer. They will walk you through the entire process.