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Thurs: Open until 6pm

Opening a Business in Montvale

You are in the right place!  The following is what you need to do in order to open a business, or restaurant.

A Use Permit Application is required for any new business coming into Montvale or being taken over by a new applicant.

Follow the directions on the application of the Use Permit.  Three (3) originally signed applications and 17 photo copies along with a check for $225.00.  Also, the Police Department Form which is attached to the application needs to be submitted along with a list of zip codes of employees (no names), which is for an ongoing traffic study.

If you are a corporation or LLC you need to be represented by Legal NJ Counsel. 

If it is a business that is serving food it also needs approval from the Board of Health. 

Once an approval is obtained by the Planning Board you can obtain your certificate of Continued Certificate of Occupancy from the Building Department and apply for any building permits for interior fit outs. An inspection form from the Fire Prevention Department for Fire Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Alarms.