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Affordable Housing

2020 Midpoint Review Report
Under the Fair Housing Act, the Borough is required to post a Midpoint Review Report. Click on the following to link to view the Midpoint Review Report: Midpoint Review

Please be advised that Frank Piazza is now the affordable housing agent for the Borough of Montvale:   You can contact Mr. Piazza's office with any questions in regard to the housing units in Montvale.  

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Affordable Housing Background & Frequently Asked Questions

The questions and answers below are an attempt to provide a simple explanation of a highly complicated issue.  The goal of this information is to explain the history and current state of affordable housing obligations in the State of New Jersey and in the Borough.  This is not intended to be a comprehensive explanation of the affordable housing issue.  The Mayor and Council hope that this overview will assist Montvale residents in understanding the issues currently facing the Mayor and Council and their efforts to address them.

In 1975 the Supreme Court ruled (in a decision commonly referred to as Mt. Laurel I) that municipalities have a constitutional obligation to enact zoning regulations that create a realistic opportunity for the development of the municipality’s fair share of affordable housing.  The “Mt. Laurel Doctrine” essentially states that a community cannot zone in such a way to exclude low- and moderate-income households (i.e. have exclusionary zoning).  

Examples of such “exclusionary zoning” include:

Single-family zoning with large minimum lot size requirements.

Minimum house size requirements which drive up the cost of housing construction and consequently, housing prices.

Prohibition of multi-family housing.

Limitation on number of bedrooms in multi-family dwellings to limit household sizes.

Prohibition of mobile homes.

Over-zoning for non-residential uses.