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Thurs: Open until 6pm

3-19-20 Update #2 - Emergency Calls / Hotline

If you are having symptoms of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 please call your healthcare provider first.  Your healthcare provider will determine what the next steps will be.  You may also contact 2-1-1 or the Corona Hotline at 1-800-222-1222.

Please refrain from calling 9-1-1 or an ambulance unless it is a TRUE emergency. 

If it is a TRUE emergency and you need to call for an ambulance, please note that this protocol will be followed:

  • Central dispatch will carefully screen calls and determine:
    • is it a TRUE emergency?
    • does the patient need to go to the hospital?
    • if they need to go to the hospital, do they have alternate transportation such as themselves or family member.
    • If an ambulance is dispatched it will be from MICCOM (Hospital paid ambulances) and may take longer to arrive